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High School Diploma Program

High School Diploma Program

Independent Study and Classroom High School Diploma Programs

The Temecula Valley High School Diploma program is offered in a classroom setting or independent study option during the regular school year. The classroom program allows you to earn credits by doing course work at school. The independent study program allows you to earn credits towards a high school diploma by doing course work outside of class and meeting with the teacher once a week.  


The High School Diploma Teacher classroom hours:        

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:30 pm to 7:00 pm.  

Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm.


Once you are enrolled in the high school diploma program, you are also welcome to come to the Adult School whenever you need a quiet place to study or if you need additional help on an assignment.  

Math support is available.  Please discuss math support options with your teacher.


To enroll in the High School Diploma Program, bring an official high school transcript, a photo ID, and a $60.00 (cash only) book deposit fee to the Adult School office.  On the day you enroll, you will complete enrollment paperwork and take a short online survey.

As part of the enrollment process, you will also take a math and reading assessment. These assessments are required by the State of California and are only meant to establish your current math and reading skill levels. 


After you complete the initial enrollment process, you will meet with the teacher to discuss your graduation goals and receive homework assignments.


Allow two to three hours to complete the enrollment process and meet with the teacher.








Complete 175 credits (see list below)


Required Course Credits

40  English                                     10  Algebra 1

10  World History                            20  Mathematics

10  U.S. History                              10  Life Science

 5   Government                              10  Physical Science

 5   Economics                                10  Fine Arts

45  Electives


NOTE: The California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) is NO LONGER REQUIRED for graduation.